Sunday, September 21, 2008

Question(s) of the Week

For all teachers - green, retirement contemplating, and in between:

Setting the norms of the classroom at the beginning of the year can make the difference between just surviving in the the classroom or thriving in the classroom. When setting norms (or class rules/guidelines) for your class, it helps to ask your students for suggestions so that they feel more responsibility in respecting the norms. Present these questions to them. Then share their ideas with me and I will pass them on to the staff.

1. How can we get our classes to actually listen to the announcements?

2. How can we make sure our students hear and understand all the directions for an in-class activity - before they start to shift gears and dive in?

3. What are some ways that we can get our students to speak up in class so that all students can hear the comments?

4. How can we prepare students for quizzes and tests such that they don't talk out or talk to each other while we are passing out the quizzes/tests?

To see a scanned copy of another graphic for maintaining differentiated groups particularly in a social studies classroom, click here. I can supply you with a clean original if you like it.

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