Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome to Turtle Tales and Tips....

Behold the lowly turtle, he must stick his neck out to make any progress." Check out my slide show to see how I feel in my new role as Instructional Coach at West Salem High School after having taught French, Read180, English, Spanish and ESL in the Salem Keizer School District over the last ten years. It is a bit strange not to have my own classroom.
However, I enjoyed my first week at West Salem High School in my new role. I observed talented Titan teachers presenting terrific lessons to Titan students fully engaged in the learning process. I realized that I needed a place to share ideas and resources that would be easily accessible for busy teachers. Thus this blog was born. I might need a little coaching from the tech department to improve my skills. I hope it will be a treat for teachers at West and beyond. My first site to share is the NEA site with hints for a smooth start in the classroom.

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