Monday, March 2, 2009

Character Counts and other Fine Finds

I appreciate everyone sending me your favorite links. The one below, Character Counts, (Sunday, March 1 entry) gives a new theme for writing each week as well as lesson plan ideas, with grade levels indicated. If you want to go one step further and have access to maxims to live by, a set for every grade level, you must register. PERFECT for journaling.
To do so, click on Programs just below the main menu of Josephson's Institute Foundations for Life web site. From there go to essay writing. At this point you will have to register in order to Download Materials for FREE. Just be sure to jot down your username and password in your password journal. You will come to a page with three columns. It will be obvious that you want the middle one - blue. The resource book has lesson plans and little bios of all the people who are quoted in the maxims - all admirable world figures. You will definitely want to register and add this to your favorites. If you need help, email me!
Talking about favorites - here are some more pics of my favorite people - the staff at West Salem High School.There is Bryan - taking care of business - making sure the kudos are out. That is quite an undertaking at winning West.Emily, registrar, who keeps track of our kids, constantly coming or going. Caring Karen, the scheduling guru. She is a great person to keep INTOUCH with. (Don't forget to update your grades every week or she will be INTOUCH with you.)Be nice to "jolie" Jolie. She is in the money and she always has the paper which we can't do without. She is definitely one we can't do without.Our elegant and efficient office manager is the keeper of the keys, the keeper of the POs and the keeper of the letterhead. She keeps everything running smoothly. Thanks, Gretchen.

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