Monday, April 20, 2009

Jeepers, Squeepers

Jeepers, SQUEEPERS. SQUEEPERS is a new protocol we practiced at our last SILCC - instructional coach/administrator training. We read a great fish story - you know, the "biggest fish ever" type. First we had to SURVEY the text, headings, images, subtitles, etc. From the title we guessed it was about a guy, a girl and a fish. Then we had to QUESTION. What is this story really about? From the bolded words and quotes, we guessed it was about how an awkward kid finally got a date with a knock-out blond over summer vacation. Did he take her fishing? a boat...? After reading the first column of print, we had to make PREDICTIONS as to what would happen next and what would happen in the end. This put us all into a competitive mood because not only did we want to find out what happened, but we wanted to find out which of us was right! We were all the more anxious to READ. However, we did follow the rules of the SQUEEPERS or SQP2RS protocol. The second R stands for RESPOND. At the bottom of each column we had to make a comment, make another prediction, ask a question, make a connection with our own lives or clarify something in the text. (You know - active reading strategies.) When we got to the bottom of the text we realized that we were missing the last page. We wanted to SCREAM in frustration, but instead we were told that we should SUMMARIZE instead, referring back to our predictions and questions to check out similarities and differences. At that point, we obtained the missing page and finished the story. Now if you are curious about how it all turned out and would like to practice SQUEEPERS in your class, I would be glad to lend you the fish story and come support you. You don't absolutely need a fish story though. Ask John D. He put it to use very skillfully with a "Love at First Sight" story - you know, Romeo and Juliet. John's students read shoulder to shoulder practicing SQUEEPERS.

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