Sunday, April 5, 2009

You are right. Our pilot is Jude McQuade-Ward. If you haven't seen her web site yet, it is "plane" fun! Also see my educator links on the right side bar.
Another place to go if you want to have fun is to the DLC. This happy bunch congregated around their Easter wreaths for a group shot last week. Then they showed off their individual creations.
Here is Jana with Eduardo wearing his Easter wreath. Gayle celebrates Allen's and Brittney's masterpieces as well as Clarissa's.
Marcie gives hugs (not "A's") for effort.
Carol looks on as Liz helps Edgar display his artistry.
One of my recent instructional coach trainings focused solely on Sp Ed services; I now have a much better understanding of the services provided for our special needs students. DLC stands for Developmental Learning Center where the focus is a functional curriculum, including:(Debbie and Lori work with Kathy and Erica)communication, (Rob takes notes while Robert works on a project.)
self help, (Carol offers a choice of projects for Steven) functional academics, (Jeanette works with her students on writing and
Jeff listens to students read their writing.) home living, (Leigh teaches the time.)

(Gina "high fives" a student learning to tell time while Ingrid and student enjoy witnessing the learning process.)
physical therapy,
(Liz guides a student who loves to explore her
and community and vocational skills . (Hannah's and Lori's students take pride in their work.)
The LRC is the Learning Resource Center which provides specially designed instruction to students to help them succeed in the regular ed classroom. If you have students in your regular classroom on IEPs, be sure to consult with these teachers during your PLCs or Freshman House meetings. They can give you valuable insights into the distinct learning styles of these students, and support through the expertise of IA's such as Bryan and Taylor. Read about Cynthia's and Teena's work with Terra integrating planners into the regular ed classroom in a previous posting.
Other teachers working with these students include Michelle, Lynn, and JD. Check the side bar for additional team members. If you aren't there, send me an email and I will be in with my camera. Michelle shows a cartoon promoting cell phone etiquette, designed by a student in her careers class.
JD checks on individual homework completion.
Other acronymns under Sp Ed include EGC or Emotional Growth Center. Jay models correct behaviors and solid business skills for his students with help from his friends Dan and Josh. The LSC or Life Skills Classroom has a host of excellent teachers under Dennis Lewman. BChris and Melissa, for instance. By creating a structured, predictable setting with consistent expectations and consequences, Dennis raises his students' abilities. His skills outside of school include raising grapes for producing a beverage with a French name. Savez-vous?

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