Monday, May 11, 2009

Plan Ahead for Summer Literacy

Summer break is only a month away. Get your reading list ready. If you need some help, check out the choice literacy website which has books for professional development as well as novels that you will want to read for relaxation. Reserve them now. If this list isn't long enough, there is a part II.
The book lists have some good suggestions for those who want to improve their writing over the summer without going to school. However, I may check them out even though I will be going to school. I have received a grant to participate in the Oregon Writing Project at Willamette along with Mari. We are looking forward to a fun summer of creative writing thanks to the encouragement of other faculty members who have done the same - Bryan H and Grant H. Who else should I include?
Now don't keep your reading plans to yourself. Motivate your students by sharing what you will read and by providing information about teen reading programs at the library, book lists and even blogs, like for teenage girls.
Then there's the ning. The ning is the thing for sharing with others with like interests. For example, check out This is a social network specifically for language arts teachers, but it has a great deal to offer all educators, including how to join one or more of the groups, or how to form your own professional social network.
A classroom network you might like to try is You need to register but everything is free. If you want to practice, go to the link. Click on "Join a Class" and enter the Class Key to set up your account. Let me know via email. I have allowed any "student" to add links, calendar events, class assignments, make comments, hold conferences, etc. The key is: E6668EW46. Let's experiment. It could be a good way to extend your PLCs online.
Another idea is one that the art department has embraced. Order Teach With Your Strengths by Rosanne Liesveld and Jo ann Miller and take an assessment to discover your top five strengths out of 34. Join with others who have your strengths or complement your strengths to make a powerful team. Happy Reading!

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