Friday, June 5, 2009

"The World is Round...

and the place that may seem like the end may also be the beginning." Senior Motto 2009

I thought a lot about this quote found on the West Salem High School Seventh Annual Commencement program as I listened to Principal Ed John talk about holding fast to ones dream. I thought a lot about this quote as I contemplated the messages of our young speakers anticipating a bright future. At my sixth West commencement, the quote tugged hard at my heart, because currently I don't know where I will be next fall. Nevertheless, I am still holding fast to my dream - to continue working with wonderful educators in the lofty effort of educating our future citizens and leaders of the world in the 21st century. In going back to the beginning of the year and looking at what I envisioned, I realize that I wasn't too far off. Enjoy!

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.
~Author Unknown
VoilĂ  two shining examples:Kara shows excitement over the bacteria her students are growing in her lab.Carol shows excitement about depositing money in the MAPS credit union and about the new books she has just received "Good to GREAT!"

Thank you for lighting the way for our students and for lighting the way for me in endless ways this year. Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome blog--lots of fun stuff. I hope you find out where you will be soon, you have soooo much to share with your fellow teaches. I am so glad that you where able to help me this year.