Friday, October 10, 2008

Benefits of In Service

Most of you attended the differentiation strand during our recent two half days of in service. I was able to attend my second workshop on the district literacy model and two half days in the grading strand. Armed with new ideas and energy, let's collaborate as departments and PLC's to refine our goals and improve our efforts toward improving student achievement. A good place to start is to help students assess their talents and interests through the Renzulli web site. Here are the steps you should give to your students.

Go to the library.
Get logged in.
Change your password if you haven't already.

Go to:
Click the button underneath "Students."
Click on the link where it says "If you are here for the first time and want to register, please click here."
Complete the registration.
District Code: ORSKDW
Select school.
Check (select) ALL your teachers.
Click "I accept" at bottom of page.
Grade level, Name, username & password (WRITE THESE DOWN!)
Click "Submit."
Now you are ready to explore the activities there, for example:

Looking for an engaging lesson on the 2008 Presidential Election to share with your students? Renzulli has made this easy by providing a special assignment template to engage students in exciting activities about elections and the 2008 Presidential Election. To access this template:
Log into your Renzulli Teacher page.
Click the "Lesson Planning and Differentiation" tab.
Click the green "Your Assignments" button.
Click the orange "Create a New Assignment" button.
Click the green "Create a New Assignment Using a Template" button.
From the drop down menu, select "2008 US Presidential Election"
To use this template with your students, click the "Use this Template" button. As the template is designed to address many ability and grade levels you can easily edit the template so that it best fits your students' needs.

I can assist you but my availability will be limited.
Monday, Oct 13 scheduled 4th, 7th and 8th.
Tuesday, Oct 14 scheduled 8:00-11:00.
Wednesday, Oct 15 available until 1:00
Thursday, Oct 16 scheduled 8:00 to 11:00 approx. includes Renzulli training for Sloan
Friday, Oct 17, in training all day.
The next week I will only be at West on Monday.
Tuesday through Friday are training days for me. Oct 21-24.

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