Monday, October 6, 2008

In Awe of You

As we approach the six week progress reporting period, I will also report on my progress. I have just reached the 50 mark - 50 classrooms visited that is. I have learned so much from all of you.

Here is a summary in verse - of what I saw in the science classrooms.

Steve's students design experiments on the very first day.
John and Jeremy exhibit exotic animals at play.
Mike shows Higgs-boson, the tiniest particles you've never seen
While Graham melts a gummy bear behind a smoky screen.
Kevin's got kids goin' to and fro
Measuring things that stay and things that go.
Michelle places orders for dead cats in anatomy.
Kara jigsaws students who for life thank biology.
If you think my poetry can go to the dogs.
At least thank me now that you have Park's blog.

A special congratulations to Michael Lampert, our new Oregon Teacher of the Year.
Read all about him, if you haven't already.

I have added a great blog that I follow weekly - that of Steve Barkley. Check out his latest entry, the true formula for success - effort x ???____ = success
manageable task

My next entry may just feature you.

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