Saturday, November 15, 2008

Titan Teachers Are Terrific

I finally learned how to insert Michael's Airbag video into my blog. My counterpart at Sprague, Dale A., gave me a 30-second lesson. (A link to his blog is on my "blogs to follow" list.) Now you can all take a peak into Michael Lampert's class.

I also learned how to add a playlist but not how to remove the autoplay function. You can scroll right and mute it manually though if you don't like Dion Warwick's Deja Vu. (That's French for "something already seen".) I would also like to learn how to add my own playlist. Any ideas? Yes, this is a place for sharing ideas.

Bobby and Julie Ann showed me how to access a huge database of teacher-made videos for helping students understand concepts in any subject. You have to register but it is FREE. I have added that link - - to my "Sweets for Sharing." Check it out. I plan to add a snapshot of classroom activities in the next couple additions to encourage teachers to step into other classrooms. You all have so much to share and so much to gain by doing so. Remember, I can help you arrange a visit.

Talking about sharing, Krista C. invited some teachers into her classroom to judge the emerging talents of her students in kitchens one through six last Friday. They created a variety of plates including chicken and asparagus, chicken oriental, chicken with stuffed mushrooms and taco salad. I was invited to join Barb F, Scott W, Liz, and Courtney. We judged appearance and flavor. Hmmm. Good. We enjoyed an elegant afternoon snack, thanks to Krista and her 8th period class.

Note some other gadgets I have added to my blog including a French radio station which works well and a playlist (page all the way down) with High School Musical which doesn't work well (only songs 3 and 4 work). If you have some gadgets you would like added that could support teaching, let me know.

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