Monday, December 8, 2008

Learning the Charleston - GRR!

Chris anxiously awaits his first period students.

He always has a note of encouragement for them.
He greets them all by name. He should have been at our last district training on the Literacy Model. He could have learned the Charleston to teach during his next Roaring 20's unit.
Here's the scoop:
Ed, Ken and Artonya joined other principals and the new secondary instructional coaches, including myself, last Thursday for training on the Salem-Keizer Literacy Model. We focused on four components of the lit model which have been dubbed GRR or the Gradual Release of Responsibility. They include modeled reading/writing, shared reading/writing, guided reading/writing and independent reading/writing as a process that should be evident in every classroom across the curriculum. We took it even deeper as we related this process to all learning. Simplified, that process is: 1) I do, you watch; 2) I do, you help; 3) You do, I help; 4) You do, I watch. Thus the name: Gradual Release of Responsibility or GRR.
To illustrate this teaching/learning model, each school team had to teach another team something. I was volunteered to teach the Charleston. The North High/McKay teams joined us as they were dying to learn this fun dance that I still remember from my high school days. (No, I wasn't around in the 20's). Here's how it went. First I modeled it (I do, you watch), then shared it (I do, you help), I guided learners (Actually, Ed didn't want to ruin his shoes and Ken turned into a reluctant learner = I watch). Artonya was a good sport. We never got to the independent stage though. (Can you relate?) It may have been the fact that we were in the parking lot (yes, really!) since you can't do the Charleston on a carpet. At any rate, we will have to send Ed and Ken to tutoring during lunch. Lisa, do you know the Charleston?

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