Monday, December 1, 2008

The Best Gift

Thanks to Mr. John, Titan teachers received the gift of extra time on our Nov 26th grading day. As I went from room to room with my Titan Catering coffee/hot chocolate/cookies/pumpkin roll cart (thanks to our administration!), I found teachers happily engaged in many projects normally put on hold. Activities included mounting a state of the art smartboard, finding treasures in cupboards, organizing student work in display cases, taking care of the creatures in the Titan Zoo and in the Titan Aquarium, online collaboration on upcoming units of study, and setting up blogs for better communication between teachers, students and parents. We even caught teachers dancing in the library. Oh yes. There was some serious grading going on as well. The day ended with a little Civil War via email...something about duck soup and beaver pie - new Thanksgiving fare??? Scroll to the right and down to get a glimpse of our industrious Titan team at work.

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