Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Tortoise Wins

I had some time this weekend to go through past issues of NEA Today, clip and toss. I clipped "The Tortoise Wins!" to add to my Turtle Tales. It summarized the results of a study by Angela Duckworth, a doctoral student at the Univesity of Pennsylvania. When it comes to academic success, natural intelligence may not matter as much as forbearance and self-discipline she stated in Psychological Science. The study measured the IQ, study habits and personal fortitude of more than 300 students. In particular, the ability to delay gratification was characteristic of good students. It seems pretty logical to me but it is nice to have it "proven."

I also added photos of some of our teachers, all with personal fortitude for going the extra mile to engage their students. Is it you? If not, I have only just begun my Titan Gallery. Look in the right hand column scrolling down. Note two new links in the Lots of Links list which used to be Sweets for Sharing. The first is a compilation of papers on best practices and the second speaks to keeping a climate for learning in your classroom. Happy Thanksgiving.

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